Filming And Video Gear For Hunting

Our Video Equipment

We get a lot of questions about the camera equipment we use. We wanted to put this page together to help anyone who is in the market for a camera looking to film their hunts.

Hunting almost exclusively on backpack trips and never having a true cameraman (whoever isn’t shooter that day is the lucky one to run the camera), we have developed a style of filming we jokingly call “Professional Amateur” We don’t use really expensive cameras and we don’t use sliders, glide cams, drones, etc.

While a real cameraman will probably laugh at us for this, in the end it doesn’t matter how many beautiful shots you captured – if you don’t have a good story you don’t have anything. So our focus is on telling the whole story behind the hunt, capturing the highs and the lows, and not necessarily worrying about every shot being perfectly steady or set up just right.

So with that said, here is the filming equipment that we use. We usually have what we call a Hunt Camera which is the Camcorder and then we have either a DSLR or the Sony RX100 III that we use to film all the B-roll shots (hiking, interviews, setting up camp, etc)

We place a major emphasis on keeping things light and simple but still buying cameras that will capture a great image.


  • Panasonic HC X920
  • Canon XA20


  • Canon T4i and T5i’s with a few basic lenses


  • Sony RX100 III (We love this camera for photos, amazing video and great audio.)
  • Canon S110 (Digiscoping camera for distant shots.)
  • Gopro Hero 4


  • Sennheiser MKE 400 or Rode VideoMic Pro (Both equally great.)


  • Promaster XC525c
  • Slik 634

Tripod Heads

  • Vanguard PH-111v
  • Manfrotto 700RC2