Steve Speck’s 2015 Gear List

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April 22, 2015
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August 10, 2015
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Steve Speck’s 2015 Gear List

Steve Speck Packing-out Mountain Goat

Bow Gear

Pack List

Total Base Weight – 262.1 oz / 16.38lbs

The only thing that varies from my base pack weight is the amount of food that I take for a given trip.  On the high-end, I’ll carry 1.5lbs (roughly 3500 calories) of food per day.

My go-to food sources are: Cliff Builders Bars, Costco Trail Mix, Mountain House Meals, Belvita Crackers, almond butter packets, miscellaneous granola bars, GU Energy Chomps and Starbucks VIA packets!

Gear that is always worn/carried:

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