first lite

August 10, 2015

Lenny Nelson’s 2015 Gear List

Bow Gear: Bow:  Elite Energy 35 66lbs 28” Draw Length Broadheads: Solid 100 Grain Standard Arrows: Gold Tip Kinectic XT .300 Release:  Scott Little Bitty Goose […]
July 3, 2015
Steve Speck Packing-out Mountain Goat

Steve Speck’s 2015 Gear List

Bow Gear Bow:  Elite Synergy 65lbs 29” Draw Length Broadheads: Solid 100 grain standard Arrows: Gold Tip Kinectic XT .300 Release:  Spot Hogg Wiseguy Sight:  CBE […]
November 19, 2014
First Lite Uncompahgre Jacket in Fusion

Fusion – First Lite’s New Camouflage Pattern

Too many camouflage patterns are designed to look good on the shelf at your local sporting goods store but don't truly work well in the field. Thankfully, First Lite's new "Fusion" pattern is different.
June 4, 2014

New First Lite Gear for 2014

First Lite continued to expand their outerwear line for 2014. New items include a jacket built just for cold-weather whitetail hunters, all the way to new rain gear that allows hunters to endure high-country storms. Here's a look at the new offerings.