July 3, 2015
Steve Speck Packing-out Mountain Goat

Steve Speck’s 2015 Gear List

Bow Gear Bow:  Elite Synergy 65lbs 29” Draw Length Broadheads: Solid 100 grain standard Arrows: Gold Tip Kinectic XT .300 Release:  Spot Hogg Wiseguy Sight:  CBE […]
June 24, 2014
Hilleberg Anjan 2

Gear Review – Hilleberg Anjan 2 Backpacking Tent

After spending more than 20 nights in Hilleberg Anjan 2 over the course of 6 weeks, I can honestly say it is without a doubt the nicest backcountry hunting tent I have ever used. There is some sticker shock with the price, however if you are looking for a tent that will last you for 20+ years, I think that the initial investment will pay for itself 10-fold.